Swiss Legend Watches - Inexpensive and Stylish

When you hear about Swiss Legend wrist-watches, you’d most likely assume that the company, like a lot of others, is based in Swiss. That’s not the case; the company is really based in Hollywood, Florida. It isn’t really just a clever name, nevertheless; Swiss Legend watches are in reality Swiss made, and use motions from Switzerland. They’re designed to exact standards, offer a good variety of styles and features, are affordably priced, and provide a warranty that’s much better than common. With 40 collections plus more than 1000 different watches, Swiss Legend watches provide something for everyone at an appealing price point. They’re worth considering should you be looking for good quality at a reasonable price.

Build Quality of Swiss Legend Watches

The build quality of Swiss Legend watches is great; cases are mostly stainless steel plus they protect the face with hard sapphire crystal. Water resistant runs from good to amazing; they have models that offer one thousand meters of water resistance for individuals who simply must explore the depths of the oceans. Overall, these are rugged, well-made wrist watches.

Movements of Swiss Legend Watches

The movements used in Swiss Legend wrist watches are both digital quartz and automatic mechanized, all made in Switzerland. The quartz movements are more likely to be observed at the lower end of the product line while the more costly models feature the automated movements.

Styling and Features of Swiss Legend Watches

There are numerous interesting styles to be found in Swiss Legend watches; each uses lots of color, so if you just like yellows, reds, oranges, doldrums and greens, they’re really worth considering. Styles range from classic to sporty to relatively avant garde, and they possess models that offer diamonds, for many who like a little bling When using their wristwatch. There are more than forty different collections, so this certainly is a diverse brand. All in all, we would have to say that the trend inside the styling of Swiss Story watches is sporty, yet they’ve certainly got some-thing in their product line for all preferences.

Care and Maintenance of Swiss Legend Watches

Care and maintenance of Swiss Legend wrist watches will vary depending on the model. In case you have a model with a quartz motion, you’ll need to change the electric battery every couple of years, and that is pretty much it. If you have 1 with an automatic movement, you will want to have it inspected every single two years or so to ensure that the watertight seals remain undamaged.

WARRANTY of Swiss Legend Watches

Swiss Legend watches guarantee is much better than average, a two years guarantee from purchase date. This one is better; your watch will be guaranteed against problems in craftsmanship and components for five years from your date of purchase.

Prices of Swiss Legend Watches

Their products includes more than 1000 designer watches, and suggested retail rates range from about £395 to about £2500, with many versions available for under £1000.

Summary of Swiss Legend Watches

There’s a lot to really like about Swiss Legend watches. They provide a tremendous number of models and designs. They have a lot of features, and so they offer models for informal wear, sports-wear and evening wear. The warrantee is much better than average, and the pricing is quite aggressive. In general, you’re getting a well-made Swiss watch at a great cost.

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