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Corum watches, regularly alluded to as Corum, is a Swiss watchmaker situated in La Chaux-de-Fonds, Canton of Neuchâtel. Established in 1955, it makes high caliber and high-cost watches, a large portion of which are restricted releases. The benchmark watch arrangement for Corum is its "Chief naval officer's Cup" arrangement. The organization is currently possessed by Hong Kong based Citychamp Watch and Jewelry Group Limited. Davide Traxler was delegated as COO of Montres Corum in 2015.

Corum was likewise the creator of the World Series of Poker watches that went with the World Series of Poker arm jewelery in 2007, and turned into the producer of the arm ornaments themselves in 2007.

Corum was established in La Chaux-de-Fonds, Switzerland by Gaston Ries and his nephew, Renee Bannwart in 1955, after one year the principal Corum watches were being delivered.

Corum's distinguishing strength came at an opportune time when the organization presented a watch made out of a $20 gold piece which was a moment success. Corum is likewise known for its "Reality Premiers". Every year, it's delivered a predetermined number of restricted version pieces Air pocket is one of Corum's most notorious and unmistakable arrangement, delivered from start of the 2000s to the end of the decade. In 2015 this line was reintroduced with various materials. Made by the proprietor of the brand at the time, fabulous Severin Wunderman, with a strong outline and an irregular gigantic sapphire glass face - the line was accessible in three sizes - smaller than expected (26 mm), average size (35mm) and XXL adaptation of 45mm.

The XXL has had more than 10 diverse restricted versions, uncommon and profoundly looked for after. Among them are Lucifer, Baron Samedi, Bats, Joker, Royal Flush, and so on.

A standout amongst the most unmistakable Corum watches, the coin watch, is still accessible very nearly fifty years after its presentation. Corum accurately introduces a manual wind or quartz development inside a $20 "Twofold Eagle" or a $10 "Freedom" coin to make this watches will just get progressively uncommon, as the supply for this noteworthy coins lessens. They are accessible with a precious stone bezel, for a more recognized look.

The Corum Artisan watch line is characterized by lovely dials delineating wild creatures, extraordinary areas, or even notable scenes, every one of them restricted version perfect works of art of a portion of the not very many specialists left who are acquainted with the gigantically tedious procedures utilized as a part of these watches.

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