Christian Bernard Watch Review

Even though many fans of luxury watches regard them rightly for their works of art, others like all of them as fashion accessories. There’s space for both in this world and plenty of companies that can support both groups. For those who prefer the fashion angle, Chris Bernard watches are certainly worth looking at. The French fashion company creates timepieces that are attractive, packed with bling and surprisingly well-built. The company is relatively new, previously being founded in 1976, therefore they really don’t have a great deal of track record when it comes to selling wrist watches. Still, they make an attractive, durable timepiece that’s worth looking at. Read on for more on this assessment.

Build Quality of Christian Bernard watches

The build quality of Chris Bernard watches is great. They use stainless steel cases plus some models have gold. Sky-blue crystal protects the watch surface area. Water resistance is good, and many versions are rated to 55 meters or more. Caps are push-pull; we have not seen any in the product line with all the screw-down variety.

Movements of Christian Bernard watches

It appears that the present line of Chris Bernard pieces feature quartz movements specifically. While the company is based in France, the watches and motions are made in Switzerland.

Design and Features of Christian Bernard watches

Christian Bernard watches feature lots of shiny jewelry. If you like Swarovski crystals, and even genuine diamonds and lots of platinum, you’ll be right at house with Chris Bernard wrist watches. These are timepieces to be donned for elegant evenings around town, or perhaps for a big organization meeting. You likely will not find Christian Bernard wrist-watches particularly suitable for casual use, as they are a bit formal for that. Displays are all analog, and a few models have date function. Colors favor gold and silver, and the men’s models isn’t much different from the ladies’ models. These watches are great for people that like their watches around the shiny side.

Care and Maintenance of Christian Bernard watches

The care and maintenance of Christian Bernard wrist-watches should be minimal, as all their models feature highly dependable quartz electronic movements. You will have to get the battery replaced every single two years or so and that would be an ideal time to have the water resistance checked, too.

Warranty of Christian Bernard watches

We couldn’t find any information regarding the official Chris Bernard timepieces warranty, probably because the company’s product is sold officially through certified retailers and even the company’s own Website has no information on-line about their watch line.

Prices of Christian Bernard watches

Chris Bernard wrist-watch prices vary from moderate to expensive. List prices range from about £595 on the low-end to around £3000 on the high-end.

Summary of Christian Bernard watches

Chris Bernard watches happen to be somewhat of a mystery. The style brand is fairly well known, however, not widely distributed. They’re kind of a secret in the industry, it might appear. While Christian Bernard watches are certainly appealing and offer lots of attractive looks, they’re relatively low upon innovation and features. However, they are quite well built and provide attractive pricing.

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