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Breil Watches - Italian Looks, Swiss Build

By the way fashion firms go, Breil is a little bit different. They are based in Italy, however, Breil wrist watches and the company’s identity are Swiss. The firm was established in the 1930s and further added wrist watches to their merchandise not long after, so they are not new at the time-keeping business. They do not make clothing wears; just jewelry, time-pieces and numerous fashion accessories. And as such, their time-pieces are not actually an add-on item; they are part of the company’s personality and a functional product. They are of much better quality when compared to a lot of wrist-watches that one sees from other fashion firms, and they are eye-catching, as well. They are also incredibly inexpensive, and present a good blend of build, style, quality and pricing. Breil wrist-watches are well worthy of taking into account if you would like a designer wrist-watch.

Build Quality of Breil Watches

The build quality of Breil wrist watches is actually quite decent, especially when taking into consideration their selling price range. Many of their watch models uses stainless steel coverings, as well as a blend of either sapphire crystal or mineral crystal, based on the model. Water-resistance differs, but we have seen versions in the Breil wrist watch lines that offers water resistance of around 300 meters, so that should certainly be good enough for anyone. These are well made time-pieces that should present a long life durability.

Movements of Breil Watches

Movements used in Breil wrist-watches are Swiss made and are either quartz electronic or automatic mechanical movements. Many of their less-expensive versions are quartz, but their higher-priced and limited edition versions are automatic.

Features and Styling of Breil Watches

Styling of Breil wrist watches ranges from contemporary to traditional. You will not find a lot of extreme styling as you will with most other watch companies such as Corum, but they do present nice varieties of color as well as a nice number of gem stones for women’s model designs. Their chronograph watch models have amazing styling, also. Screen Displays are all analog, also for the quartz watch models. The collection of Breil wrist watches comprises of over 100 diverse models, so possibilities are good that they will have something that attracts the eyes of almost anyone.

Maintenance and Care of Breil Watches

Breil wrist-watches fall into 2 groupings in regards to maintenance, based on the movement your model is provided with. Quartz models will need a bit little in the approach of care; they just will need to have their batteries changed every few years. However, automatic models ought to be examined every 2 years by a watch jeweler to make sure that the water-tight seals stay intact. You should store them away from high-temperatures, to prevent destroying its magnetic field.

Warranty of Breil Watches

Breil watches comes with warranty offered for up to two years against problems in components and workmanship from the purchase date. If anything goes wrong, they will fix or substitute your faulty time-piece at their choice. In reality, these are carefully tested wrist watches and possibilities of experiencing a problem are rare.

Prices of Breil Watches

Retail values for Breil wrist watches range from about £250 to a high of almost £2500, which kind of makes them relatively economical and high end designer wrist watches. The high-end models are actually quite well produced and are absolutely eye-catching and can compare positively with wrist watches selling for double its price. In all, we believe Breil wrist watches are good bargain for the money.

Summary of Breil Watches

For a conclusion, we will like to say, if you love sporty models, they present a handful of them with remarkably decent water-resistance and they also give great mix of colors and gem stones in their collections for women for individuals who love a fancy look. Their warranty is even more than sufficient, and the prices are quite attractive.

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