ALESSI watch

The Italian design firm Alessi is better known for producing consumer products which can be both functional and stylish. Alessi Watches - a joint project between Alessi as well as the Seiko Watch Corporation features that same mixture of whimsy and practicality.

Style and Features of Alessi watches

The company’s watches are available for men, ladies, and kids. Although many of the models for men doesn’t look extremely masculine, which also make them a good choice for women.

Clearly the main selling point of Alessi watches is their impressive contemporary design. But this does not mean they’re lacking because time-pieces. Seiko, known for top quality watch-making, provides the movements; coverings are stainless steel, and bracelet are real leather.

Every Alessi watch collection is usually conceptualized by a different dominant product designer: although they almost all have the same modern aesthetic, every series has its own unique appearance. The Neko has one-piece cat-shaped polyurethane band, as the Record series features the typical round stainless-steel case, natural leather strap, and chronograph. The Luna, with a multicolored circular case and leather band, falls somewhere between the two around the design spectrum.

Maintenance and Care of Alessi watches

Alessi wrist-watches fall into 2 groupings in regards to maintenance, based on the movement your model is provided with. Quartz models will need a bit little in the approach of care; they just will need to have their batteries changed every few years. However, automatic models ought to be examined every 2 years by a watch jeweler to make sure that the water-tight seals stay intact. You should store them away from high-temperatures, to prevent destroying its magnetic field.

Warranty of Alessi watches

The Alessi watches warranty may be the industry average; the company justifies their products for two years from your date of purchase against defects in materials and craftsmanship. Alessi watches are tested in the factory prior to shipping, thus chances are that you won’t discover many defects.

Price of Alessi Watches

Alessi watch selections are between a £100 to about £400, with most costing between £100 and £200. Several series feature lighthearted designs made from colorful polyurethane-they’re near the entry level of the price range. The higher-priced watches are more traditional, seen as a clean, uncluttered faces and muted colors.

Alessi wrist-watches aren’t super cheap, nevertheless they’re affordable and they seem to be worth the asking price.

Summary of alessi watches

It’s hard to say where you would wear a bright-colored cat watch-the brand’s more abstract designs are most likely best for people in innovative industries. But the contemporary wrist watches have a minimalist appearance that would make them a great item when you want to show off your great taste but be delicate about it.

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