ADIDAS watch

Adidas was founded in 1949 in Bavaria, Germany by Adolf Dassler. Currently this organization is the largest sports brand in Europe and the second largest sports gear producing company in the world. They are famous for producing sports products and sports wear such as ѕроrt watches.

The iconic sportswear brand is named as “Adidas Originals”. Their famous logo was created in 1972.

Since that time, there has been rapid growth in the watch making industry of Adidas. In 2012, the revenue of Adidas was a total of 14 billion Euros.

The famous Adidas watches are Aberdeen – Sprung Steel – Questra and Duramo. Each of them is water resistant, comes with either chain, leather or silicone strap and garnished by the touch of mineral crystals (Quartz).

Duramo is quite famous for its sleek design and its ability to digitally show date, day and time. It also holds the function of stopwatch, timer and alarm. It has a band width of 14 mm, a case size of 38mm and made up of polyurethane material.

Adidas makes analogue and digital : both kind of watches. Recently, the company is shifting its focus to smartwatches.

The colors of Adidas watches are mostly black, blue, red, pink and white. The analogue watches come with a silicone strap water resistivity up to 10 atmospheric pressure and a standard 2 year warranty. An elegant display usually comes up with 3 needle hands.

The famous Micoach smartrun watch comes with built in motion sensors heart monitor and an outstanding battery life of about 4 hours.

Adidas makes watches both for men and women and the company has a wide range to target both consumer groups.

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