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Pulsar is a brand of watch and a division of Seiko Watch Corporation of America (SCA). While Pulsar was the world's first electronic advanced watch, today Pulsar watches are normally simple. They by and large utilize the same developments as the lower-end Seikos, for example, the 7T62 quartz chronograph development.

The main Pulsar was a brand of The Hamilton Watch Company which declared that it was making the watch in mid 1970s. It was produced together by Hamilton and Electro/Data, Inc. In the spring of 1972, the main Pulsar watch was showcased by The Hamilton Watch Co. (the guardian organization, not the Hamilton Watch Division). With a 18-carat gold case, the world's first all-electronic advanced watch was additionally the first to utilize a computerized show made with light-transmitting diodes (LEDs). A catch was squeezed to show the time. The main Pulsar at first sold for $2100 ($12,300 in 2016 dollars).

The Potpourri portion in the October 1972 issue of Playboy specifies the primary Pulsar and conveys a photograph.

In 1975 an advanced Pulsar with an inherent adding machine (worked with little catches) was presented.

Seiko Corporation procured the brand in 1978. The Pulsar brand serves as Seiko's mid-grade offering and is situated over the Lorus brand and beneath the Seiko brand of watches.

Most of Pulsar watches are analogue with cool display dials. Three needles move majestically on the embossed craving of the company’s Logo and rotate around.

Waterproofed and available in multi colours. These watches often come in stainless steel with colours of white black and gold.

The digits are sometimes represented by dashes Roman numerals or just four digits on the east-west-north and south direction of the watch.

The traditional collection comes with luminuous hands and a date calendar. The reddish leather gives great support and the holistically the watch looks very handsomely made.

The solar watches of this brand are also pretty cool. Powered by light energy and decorated with 8 Swarovski crystals. Once they are fully charged, they can normally function up to 4 months.

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