Lacoste Watches - Fun and Inexpensive

If you live in the United States, the name Lacoste might stimulate memories of the alligator polo shirts that everyone was putting on in the 1970s and 1980s. The organization has been around since the 1930s, nevertheless , and they offer a wide variety of clothes and accessories. Lacoste timepieces fit nicely into the company’s product line, offering a nice number of styles at an attractive price. They’re not going to make you ignore Rolex or U-Boat, yet they’ve found a nice market among those who enjoy wrist watches as a fashion accessory, rather than a necessary luxury item. If you’re style conscious, then there is a place for Lacoste wrist watches in your wardrobe, because their styling is fun and attractive, with lots of splashes of color.

Build Quality of Lacoste Watches

The build quality of Lacoste watches is sufficient; they use stainless steel cases, metal, leather and silicone rings, and mineral crystal. Water proof is modest; most of the products features water resistance in the 35 meter to 50 m range. These aren’t sports activities watches, so don’t get one thinking you’re going to put it on while diving or browsing the oceans. They’re more for donning for dinner or drinks maybe after you’re done with the sports activities for the day. On the whole, Lacoste wrist watches are built well enough for their price.

Movements of Lacoste Watches

You’ll find that Lacoste wrist-watch movements are completely quartz. We’re not sure exactly where they’re sourced from; they may be Japanese, Swiss or Chinese. There’s no indication of the source of the movements around the company’s Website. At the moment, they do not offer anything with a mechanised movement, but then again, at their particular price point, that’s not really amazing.

Styling and Features of Lacoste Watches

The present product line of Lacoste looks after includes 24 models for men and about 15 models for women. Styling is fun and colorful, with a few traditional-looking models and others that possess characteristic bright colors, fake gem stones, and of course, etc. A couple of models include the chronograph watch features. While you can wear a few of these models for formal occasions, most of their collection line seems best suited to put on for casual and daily organization wear. Displays are all analog, and bands are available in platinum and silver-toned stainless steel, silicon rubber, and leather.

Care and Maintenance of Lacoste Watches

The beauty of watches with quartz movements is that they don’t require a lot of repair. That’s the good thing about Lacoste designer watches; they’re all quartz, therefore aside from replacing the electric battery every 2-3 years, you won’t have to deal with any severe maintenance issues. If you find yourself around salt water, you should wash your watch carefully later on with tap water and then cautiously dry it.

Warranty of Lacoste Watches

The Lacoste watches warranty may be the industry average; the company justifies their products for two years from your date of purchase against defects in materials and craftsmanship. Lacoste watches are tested in the factory prior to shipping, thus chances are that you won’t discover many defects.

Prices of Lacoste Watches

They are quite affordable, with rates ranging from about $125 to $295 for both men’s and women’s models. Although we have seen them discounted considerably online; we’ve actually noticed a few models which sold for about $75 or thereabout.

Summary of Lacoste Watches

If you like fun, sassy design that doesn’t take itself well seriously, you will definitely love Lacoste watches. In addition , they offer hard to beat pricing and their wrist-watches are extremely affordable that you’ll become tempted to buy more than one. They provide a variety of models for both women and men and they’ve got some styles that will definitely draw interest.

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