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If you follow style, and especially men’s fashion, you are probably familiar with Hugo Boss fashion company. The company, founded in the twenties in Germany, is among Europe’s leading men’s trend houses. While they are accustomed to simply suit making, they have also expanded their product lines to incorporate fashions for women as well as add-ons for both sexes. Unsurprisingly, these accessories include watches and you’ll find that Hugo Boss watches are both appealing and affordable, offering a vast range of color along with fine traditional styling. Whilst their product line isn’t excessively broad, they do offer periodic limited editions to liven things up a bit.

Build Quality of Hugo Boss Watches

You will find that Hugo Boss timepieces offer reasonable build quality, with stainless steel cases and mineral crystal. Their timepieces provide reliable quartz electronic movements for accurate time-keeping. A lot of their models are water-resistant to 100 meters, which makes them suitable for occasional use close to water. Straps are stainless-steel, leather and rubber, therefore you’ll find one that’s suitable for your intended use.

Movements of Hugo Boss Watches

The movements used in Hugo Boss watches are all digital quartz movements, which are generally correct to within a few seconds each month and require minimal repair. We’re not sure of the where they are sourced, but as the company is German born, it’s quite possible that these types of quartz movements are Swiss watches. Regardless of origin, they should offer accurate timekeeping for years to come.

Styling and Features of Hugo Boss Watches

We would generally describe the styling of Hugo Boss wrist watches as traditional. They have classic looks, with all the occasional surprising splash of color. They favor analog displays, rather than digital, and provide a mixture of stainless steel, rubber and leather bands, depending on unit. As for colors, they prefer basic black and silver, although you’ll find a few versions in white, and strangely enough, orange. They offer a number of sports activities models with chronograph features, so if you like watches with a lot of dials and buttons, you will have a few good choices. Their selection tends to offer mostly wrist watches that look good with possibly business-wear or evening wears.

Care and Maintenance of Hugo Boss Watches

Because Hugo Boss watches have electronic quartz movements, you will notice that they don’t require much in the way of maintenance, aside from replacing the battery every couple of years. You must store your timepiece within a cool, dry place and maintain it away from extremes in temperature.

Warranty of Hugo Boss Watches

The manufacturer’s guarantee offered with the purchase of Hugo Boss watches is for 2 years against defects in components and craftsmanship, which we discover to be roughly the average warranty offered with developer watches. Most defects ought to become apparent within the 1st year of ownership, which means this shouldn’t be a problem. The retailer may offer a long warranty for an additional charge.

Prices of Hugo Boss Watches

For the most part, we would say Hugo Boss watch rates are moderate, considering the fact that they are luxurious watches. Men’s models start at a relatively moderate $125 or so, and up to about $600. Periodic limited edition items sell for relatively more, but we have not seen any for sale that were more than $1000. The female models range from about $250-$500.

Summary of Hugo Boss Watches

Hugo Boss offer a nice combination of desirable, traditional styling combined with inexpensive pricing and wide supply in the marketplace. While they don’t provide a lot of models for women, they do offer a few dozen diverse timepieces for men, including athletics models with suitable water resistance. If you like classic design and affordable prices in a timepiece, we think you’ll just like Hugo Boss watches.

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