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Fortis is a watchmaker situated in Grenchen, Switzerland that was established by Walter Vogt in 1912. Twelve years after its foundation, Vogt set up creation with John Harwood, creator of the programmed wristwatch. In 1926, Fortis discharged the protected Harwood Automatic, the primary self-twisting wristwatch, at Baselword. In 1937, Fortis honored the organization's 25th commemoration by assembling and promoting its first chronographs, including the Rolls and the Autorist. The Autorist was additionally outlined by John Harwood and utilized the development of the strap to control the watch. By 1943 Fortis presented the world's first waterproof watches with the Fortissimo models, which were progressively prominent.

Official Cosmonauts Chronograph Automatic photograph. Lemania 5100 movt. In 1962 the Spacematic programmed was developed to hold up in amazing conditions and temperature changes. The Fortis watch was tried by the seven individuals from a US space mission.

In 1994 Fortis presented strict perseverance tests. This same year the Star City Training Center picked the Fortis Official Cosmonauts Chronograph as a component of its issued hardware. Fortis programmed wristwatches have demonstrated their space ability inside and outside of the security of the space station. Since 1994 Fortis has been the selective supplier of kept an eye on space missions approved by the Russian Federal Space Agency. In 1997 the same watch, the Fortis Official Cosmonauts Chronograph, turned into the official watch of the German-Russian space mission MIR 97 .Amid Fortis' 75th commemoration year, it presented another release of the Flieger programmed gathering. In 2004, the Flieger Chronograph was granted the inaugural trophy of the European Aviation Watch of the Year.

As far back as their orbital rite of passage on board the space station MIR in 1994, FORTIS watches have been a piece of the standard gear of all cosmonauts. After 100,000 circles around the earth and the longest stay in weightlessness of any watch, FORTIS typifies unwavering quality in time and space. FORTIS has substantiated itself over and over like no other brand and is thusly a genuine pioneer and a pro in the field of space travel.

FORTIS is one of these spearheading spirits which has invested hundreds of years endeavoring to create flawlessness for pilots. The cockpit might be altogether advanced today, yet a watch remains a solid partner with heart. Thus it stays genuine today that the most critical instrument for a pilot is a mechanical watch. In light of this basic law of flying, FORTIS set itself the objective of building up the best looks for flying. The center components of such a watch were characterized right off the bat: Unparalleled, clear intelligibility, twofold sided against intelligent sapphire glass and amazing weight resistance.

Fortis has supplied one of a kind watches to numerous military squadrons around the world namely Swiss 11 Fighters – Hellenic Tigers and NATO

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