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DKNY Watches - Affordable Splendor

If you regularly follow the female fashion, then you are probably acquainted with the DKNY brand. A sub-division of Donna Karan, yet it’s their more affordable, “fast fashion” line designed to hop on current fashion trends as quickly as possible to get new products to market as the interest is still high. As the company primarily makes clothes, they also sell accessories, including watches. While they mostly offer watches for ladies, DKNY watches also have a few models for men, and their whole line is in keeping with the company’s overall philosophy, which are attractive and affordable. You will look good wearing DKNY pieces and you won’t break the bank when you buy them.

Build Quality of DKNY Watches

DKNY watches are built with a company that, first and foremost, creates clothing. Their timepieces is surely an accessory line and as they are quite affordable as designer wrist watches go, you’re not going to see them to be exceptionally rugged. Nevertheless, they feature stainless steel cases and reliable electronic movements, and with care, you should get your money’s worth out of them. Water proof seems to be in the 30 meter to 50 range, so we wouldn’t suggest wearing DKNY watches to scuba diving.

Movements of DKNY Watches

We can clearly state, all DKNY watches have electronic quartz crystal movements coming from Asia, probably China. Quartz movements will be somewhat of a commodity nowadays, and pretty much all of them, by any source, are dependable and accurate.

Styling and Features of DKNY Watches

DKNY feature what we would term traditional styling, with silver, gold and black becoming the primary colors used in most models, along with periodic faux-diamond and gold coloured accents. They offer more versions with the bracelet band than with leather straps, and many of their models are for females. While most of their models are for daily casual and business use, they have a few that would appear pretty fancy with night dress and they make a couple of sports models with chonogaph features, as well. Displays are analog as well.

Care and Maintenance of DKNY Watches

Because DKNY watches offers electronic quartz movements, you will need to replace the electric battery every couple of years. You’ll need to store it in a safe dry place, and far from strong magnetic fields, extreme conditions of temperature, or contact with caustic chemicals. Clean simply by wiping with a soft cloth. With proper care, you should get a few years of usage out of your purchase.

Warranty of DKNY Watches

The DKNY watches warranty may be the industry average; the company justifies their products for two years from your date of purchase against defects in materials and craftsmanship. DKNY watches are tested in the factory prior to shipping, thus chances are that you won’t discover many defects.

Price of DKNY Watches

Aside from the fact that they are quite attractive and will make wonderful fashion accessories, DKNY watches are very affordable, and extraordinarily therefore in the often less-expensive luxury watches. They offer approximately 100 models at present, and often see some designs for sale for less than $50. The very best of the line models cost about $300 or so, producing some of the most affordable designers-watches on the market.

Summary of DKNY Watches

Should you be looking for a great fashion accessory in a price that’s truly inexpensive, DKNY watches should certainly land on your wish list. They’re not really loaded with features, and you are not going to find them with actual diamonds, and they’re not super water resistant. On the other hand, they provide a lot of models, they may have all of the features that most we all need, and they’re just crazily affordable.

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