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The background of the brand Bering is one of a kind or unique. In contrast to several other wrist-watch producers, Bering is a fairly young watch making company. The strategy and the original starting procedure of Bering are outstanding.

The idea runs back to a parachute jump performed by the Danish explorer and entrepreneur René Kaerskov in the year 2008. He went sky-diving over the "North Pole" from a chopper. Being motivated by the extraordinary sight of the Arctic, he derived the vision of a wrist-watch. One that should symbolize the plain and simple nature of the landscape he had come across. Remarkably in 2008 the company marked the 280th annual anniversary of the quest of Danish navigator Vitus Bering toward the Arctic-Ocean. He passed through a strait which was later named after him "the Bering Strait" and uncovered Alaska. Also, a time-zone was named after him "the Bering Time time-zone". Encouraged by these 2 events and in this circumstance, René Kaerskov and two of his business associates founded Bering Watches. They made a decision that Bering Watches should certainly be different and distinguished from other wrist-watches by their pure clarity, an attractive appearance & breath-taking beauty put together with new manufacturing technologies.

Design and features of bering watches

It is worthy of mentioning in the Bering Watches Assessment that this company is making new ways: the general design is rather plain and simple and built-in complications are exclusions. Aside from that, Bering utilises high-tech ceramics, which usually provide optimum material thickness.

The utilization of high-tech ceramic material has formed the visual appeal of Bering Watches. All versions are extremely, very light-weight, scratch-resistant, anti-allergic, heat-resistant. And they also possess a smooth feel.

Nevertheless, this can simply be attained because of the challenging and time consuming production procedure of high-tech ceramics. First of all, fine ceramic natural powder is hard pressed into a mold. Thereafter, this materials gets compressed in the heating up process in an oven at 1,600 degrees Celsius and then gets cured. Subsequently a specific stage of cooling down the ceramics and then they are polished. Due to the intense hardness of these high-tech ceramics, the surface area care can only be carried out by utilising diamond tools.

Collections for men & women of bering watches

The Danish producer Bering provides a vast range of women's and men's wrist-watches, which are sorted into diverse collections. Every collection possesses a unique capability.

The vast range of somewhat straightforward wrist watches resulted in Bering attaining a long-lasting place in the wrist-watch industry in a short period. Some few years ago the first Concept Shop launched in Solvang, California where the in depth series are offered. Besides, Bering Watches are an essential part of several jewelers.

The wrist-watches for women and men are divided into different collections which include Classic, Ceramic, Titanium and Solar. The men’s models are further sub-divided into collections Automatic and Radio, also a Charity collection is made available for the ladies.

Bestsellers for men and women of bering watches

One other unique attribute of the wrist watch manufacturer Bering is that it selects its own Bestsellers on a regular basis. These are wrist watches, which usually are regularly acquired by potential customers. As a consequence their market demand is specifically high.

Summary of bering watches

Bering wrist-watches are exceptional companions for individuals who love wrist-watches and those, who have special high needs for their wrist watches. But who could that be? Serious athletes, business men or persons who travel regularly are the focus group of Bering Watches, seeing that their wrist watches are often subjected to physical stress. But as pointed out above the high quality materials employed in Bering Watches are very tolerant to these kind of stress, which makes it suitable for this group of persons.

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